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Monday, January 3, 2011


New Years Eve was absolute mayhem. The bar was just crazy to say the least and with only 2 bartenders on it was a rush the entire night. Even in this insanity There was a funny moment or two and this one I had to share.

Local law enforcement spends their New Years eve from 5 to 7pm at our restaurant having dinner at the bar every year. Just the chiefs, the clerks, and some of the detectives and their spouses. In the corner of the bar sat one of the clerks and her husband. I would say they where late 60's to mid 70's in age.

The wife starts to tell the rest of the group with great pride how she has woken up every morning this past week and did a workout on the Wii system and has been vigilant in doing so for the past 2 weeks.

The husband hears all this and slowly looks up from his scotch in enough time to say "hi, I'm Wii!"

Without batting an eyelash she says "You best be quiet or it is game over for you Super Mario."

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