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Friday, September 30, 2011

Call me Princess

Thursday was my first night at Fortifem Ultra Martini Lounge. This is a sweet little martini lounge in the heart of Portland's "Old Port." more on that in another post... This night was sort of a quiet night and I had the fortune to meet a "Princess!" Well sort of, here is how it all went down.

A short chubby brunette walks into my bar with 3 guys that look like they are all trying very hard to be the next Vanilla Ice. "Hi my name is Charles." I say to her extending a hand shake. She promptly introduces herself as "Princess." Right away her majesty orders a Well Vodka Collins and tells me she likes her drink strong. I pour a fair drink and she is already telling me it is "not enough booze to get her drunk." I respond with "Well you can buy a second one but my goal is not to get you drunk." Strike 1!

Then she complains about the $7 cost of the drink and then starts bickering with Vanilla Ice #1 and #2 about the price of a Long Island Ice Tea and she doesn't want to spend that much. I am not certain what kingdom she is the princess of but seems this kingdom is also suffering the economic constraints of the common peasant. Strike 2!

Now I figured money may be a bit easier for a "Princess." This is when she signs her credit card slip leaving a .50 cent tip. Strike 3!

I take a peek at the Visa slip and see the Princess's given name and say "so I guess Princess is long for Kim, huh?" "Don't be ashamed of your peasant name, Kim."

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