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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pumpkin Pints & Apple Bombs

Fall is coming weather we like it or not. I looked outside today and the green leaves of summer are already giving way to the red, yellow and burnt orange of autumn. A shame of sorts but also a great time to be in New England. Aside from the annoying New York leaf peepers we have all grown to tolerate there is a special crispness to the air and even the smell is different.

Fall also brings some sweet stuff to the beverage world and I have never hidden my affection for some of the pumpkin and apple flavors. Better yet Fall marks the return of Shipyard's Pumpkin- Head Ale and the taste of apple cider I prefer Vermont's local Woodchuck Hard Cider. With my admiration of these two as always I wondered how I could possibly make them any better... Enter Pumpkin Pints and Apple Bombs to sweet concoctions to help you ease back and watch the leaves change from green to red in preparation for the the snow to fall soon.

A Pumpkin Pint is a combination of Shipyard's Pumpkin-Head Ale and my own Vanilla Tequila infusion. without getting too far into it here is how it is done.

Vanilla Tequila
1 Bottle of Cuervo Gold
1 small bottle of pure vanilla extract
2 vanilla bean sticks
Combine Tequila and vanilla extract into a infusion jar.
Open the vanilla bean stick and scrape the inside with a knife extracting the vanilla beans.
Drop in the vanilla beans and scraped stick into the jar and let sit for 2 days stirring on occasion.

Pumpkin Pint
1 Pint of Pumpkin-Head Ale
Rim the glass with cinnamon sugar
Pour in 1 shot of Vanilla Tequila

Now the Apple Bomb is a bit different. Much like a Car Bomb or an aforementioned Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot this is a shot you drop into a half glass of cider. Still just as awesome just more in the vein of fall and apple pie.

Apple Bom
1 Pint of Hard Apple Cider
Rim a small portion of the glass in Cinnamon Sugar
1 Shot glass equal parts Goldschlager, Butter Shots and Caramel Bailey's Irish Cream

How to drink this:
Lick the cinnamon sugar, Drop the shot glass into the pint glass and drink it all up!


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