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Monday, October 24, 2011

Flaming Banana

So as we have previously discussed in a previous lesson about Flaming Dr. Pepper Shots, fire + liquor = AWESOME! There is nothing that makes a bartender look like more of a rock star than lighting a drink on fire. We also know that guys in general aside from inventing fire (ladies just give us this one.) We love to play with fire as well. Case in point "just the tip? Please?" ... I know not the same but I digress.

The bottom line here is all of us no matter our age love a good flame. Ask any guy you know to build a fire and they get a look on their face that says "Oh hell yes! You want fire? You get fire!" Just be sure to specify the size of said fire or else what you could be left with will be the makings of a Hollywood feature. And why not? Fire is medicinal, it brings people together and the list goes on and on. I mean seriously when was the last time you made smores and got a little tipsy by the stove? Even better remember back to when you where a kid and you would steal your Grandmother's magnifying glass usually set aside for reading her prayer book in the morning. Your friends would hover over your shoulder to watch this misappropriation of glass and sunlight to create pure ant hell as those little suckers burst into flames! Well now your older and I'm betting dollars to doughnuts if you were to bring out the magnifying glass yet again your real friends would once again join in this cruel display.

*If anyone from PETA is reading this and wants to write me to complain... I don't give a flip! Seriously save your ink it will be only wasted on me.

Well here I am just a few years older and none the wiser giving you the Bananas Foster Martini a couple ways but still the same tasty FIRE. (I'm currently picturing Beavis and Butthead, "Fire! Fire!) The first one is my own recipe and the second is one I found that uses 99 Bananas. Why Bananas Foster because you get to light it on fire and it is darn tasty! Just be sure to have the fire extinguisher near by.

Bananas Foster

1 oz. - Vanilla Vodka
1 oz. - Whipped cream vodka
1.5 oz. - Banana Liqueur
Splash of Spiced Rum
.5 oz. - Caramel Irish Cream
Rim the glass by first using caramel then cinnamon sugar
Shake over ice and strain
Garnish with a slice of banana dipped in caramel
Top with Bacardi 151
Now light that bad boy up!

Bananas Foster #2
2 oz. - Dark Rum
2 oz. 99 Bananas
Splash of Caramel Vodka
Slice of fresh Banana
Shake over ice and strain


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