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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hard of Hearing... Very Hard!

Maybe my Mother, teachers and everyone else has been right this entire time about me when they have said "Charles has select hearing." Anyone who knows me knows thinks I can't hear worth a lick. Not a bad trade off considering the other pitfalls that life has to offer. Seriously, I will have a great head of hair (if I ever let it grow out) however grey it may be, till the day I die. My eyesight will be 20/20 and with any luck old The General will be able to stand up and salute without little blue pills till I retire to the great dirt nap.
 With all that said my TV sound is always jacked up and I am constantly asking "what?"

This all in mind as I was going about my evening getting everyone drinks, making small talk and the musical guest playing at the top of his lungs in a packed bar. Under these circumstances most people, even those with great hearing may struggle to make out anything anyone said directly to them. So when I heard from clear on the other side of the bar about 30 yards from where I was standing this simple phrase I was overcome with a variety of emotion.

What is this phrase you may ask? "Blow job!" Like a shot this simple phrase rang out and hit my tympanic membrane as though it was guided by a laser. That's right, say it loud and say it proud! Immediately my head jerked to the right and I followed the sound. Like most other times I have heard this, when I got there it was gone...

So in order to relive this glorious moment and celebrate this phrase I give you a couple of shots that would surely get my attention!

Blow Job Shot 
1 part - Irish Cream
1 part – Amaretto
Top with whipped cream
uh uh uh! ... No hands when drinking this!

Slippery Nipple 
1 part - Butterscotch Schnapps
1 part - Irish Cream
1 very small or large dash of grenadine
Depending upon the size of nipple you prefer

Hot Screaming Orgasm 
1 part - Watermelon Schnapps 
1 part – Vodka 
Splash of lime Dash of Grenadine 
Top with Bacardi 151 and light on fire 

Wet Pussy 
1 Part - Melon Liqueur 
1 Part - Sour Mix 
1 Part - Citron Vodka 
Splash of Sprite 


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