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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidential Cocktails

This week marked Presidents day the day set aside for us as Americans to give thanks and praise to the leader of the greatest country in the free world. As if the 24/7 security for the rest of their life, the great big house rent free, big salary, paid vacations, sweet pension plan, the admiration of millions of citizens (and some non-citizens) that voted them into the highest office in the land and all the accoutrements that come along with the position are not enough. We must all take a day off work and deal with the banks and every other business being closed for a day of celebrating our beloved presidents past and present.

I have decided my homage to the POTUS will be to chronicle some of the favorite libations of these great leaders of course in my own way and very own commentary so enjoy!

We start with this walk through history with our founding father himself George Washington. George like many of the men at this time where all about the amber ales of the period. Now what many are not aware of is that Washington's favorite beverage was Warm Chocolate Cream. This is much like the hot chocolate we have today however George use to add a whiskey or wine/ mead to the blend to make it pack the Presidential punch he needed after a long day of forming the nation we have today and posing for the picture on the dollar and quarter. George enjoyed this drink so much he would order 50 pounds of Chocolate at a time. This beverage was made by grating a small amount of chocolate into boiling water, milk and water, or wine and water, and later adding sugar. Special ceramic forms were used to serve this beverage. A covered, two-handled chocolate or caudle cup, is exhibited in the museum at Mount Vernon.

We skip ahead to Abraham Lincoln. Who was known to be eternally on the wagon. After some bad run ins with Kentucky moonshine as a boy. His father was a seasonal distillery hand. Knob Creek bourbon, was named after the site of that distillery. As a young man in Illinois, Lincoln had a state license to sell liquor, and he operated several taverns. As a politician during the period when anti-alcohol forces were gaining strength, Lincoln often straddled the fence on that issue. Abraham decided to hang up his liver for the most part and also one of the reasons he earned the name "honest Abe." How the lack of alcohol and being honest are correlated I am uncertain. I have always known people to be at their most honest when just the opposite was the case. Although when Abe said he did not imbibe he was not being thoroughly honest. The truth was that our 16th president still had a taste for good Kentucky bourbon served just like his words, straight up.

Here are a few others without quite the historical background...
Franklin Roosevelt: Scotch or Brandy

Herbert Ho
over: Gin Martini with 2 olives. Not only did the buck stop there but so did the vermouth as he would take his extra dry.

Harry Truman
: Bourbon
Lyndon Johnson: Scotch and Soda

Gerald Ford: Gin and Tonic - Are we really surprised with the way this guy would constantly fall off Air Force 1 that he would be downing a few of these while in the air? Lest we forget Betty Ford...

Richard Nixon: Known as a raging alcoholic especially during his final years in office was a rum and coke or dry martini guy. But really it was just about anything he could get his hands on. Just short of running anti-freeze through wonder bread.

John F. Kennedy: Although Fidel Castro and JFK didn't see eye to eye on much what they did have in common was the Cuban born Rum Daiquiri. The Kennedy Cocktail hour could be it's own blog post all in of itself.

Bill Clinton: Slick Willey's drink was the Snake Bite, equal amounts of Stout and Hard Apple Cider. You can only imagine why. Judging by his taste in women. One must think Bill is no stranger to beer goggles.

George W. Bush: Claims to have only drank a little bit during his youth while doing blow off ivy league co-eds backs but then again who hasn't done that? Now only has a half glass of wine on special occasions with dinner. I don't know about you but sounds like a recovering alcoholic to me. With some of his economic policies a fall off the wagon would sure explain a lot for me. Not to mention the time he was "Dude! wouldn't it be cool if I could go up in a Navy fighter and reenact the "Top Gun" scene where he walks along the flight deck of a carrier?!"

Finally Barack Obama will end this post. Barack is a beer guy. As we saw by his way of bringing people together in his first year of presidency when he brought black and white together for the "beer summit." Obama's Flavor palate ranges from light to stout with his favorite being right in the middle with a fine lager.

So this week raise your glass and have a toast and get a great deal on a Toyota as all the dealerships in the free world will have flyers with our founding fathers draped across them with no money down. God Bless America and Thank him for the booze too!


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