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Monday, July 15, 2013


I remember a time when coffee was just that. If you where to order a capacino, you were either at a 5 star restauraunt or the "Little Italy" part of town. Coffee would cost a whopping total of $1 as apposed to the credit check and small business loan you have to have in order to get a good latte. Let's not even get into the fashion choices or crowd you must be a part of in order to get past the front door to some of these magical bean spots. Coffee has become less about the caffein rush and a social drink in the break room and more of a statement on who we are. Sort of like chosing the right tie that fits your personality so goes your coffee. With all this pompt and circumstance being injected into our morning I wanted to pass along one way you can make it fun for you and weed out those with the tigh sphincter around you. Here is what you do...

Go to the front at your local coffee snob haven or a Starbucks will do in a pinch and oder your coffee however you like it. Double whip, non-fat, soy, no foam carmel maciato latte with 3 Splenda with chocolate powder, 2 extra espresso shots and a twist of lemon. When they ask your name to put on the side of your cup look at them with a serious face and tell them it is "Thor God of Thunder." The barista will just write Thor so make sure to tell her to not forget the "God of Thunder" part as you don't want to have your order mixed up and that it has happened in the past. When your coffee is ready be standing right next to the person doing it and when they call out "Thor! I have a Double back flip half fat no calorie soy latte with a twist for Thor ready!" Don't answer till they call out "Thor, God of Thunder!" Only then pick up your drink. 

I know, completely ridiculous but I did it the other day and it gave me a chuckle so I figured I would pass it along to you! 


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