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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hi Haters!

I hear people say "I hate" this or that person all the time. The word "hate" is a powerful word and one we many of us use daily. Henry Rollins, the former lead singer of the punk group Black Flag and The Rollins Band has done many spoken word CD's and in one of them he talks about hate. He says, "taking the time and energy to actually hate someone is already giving them WAY to much of yourself. Sort of like the way people use that old saying when life hands you lemons make lemonade. Bullshit! Fuck you! Next time life hands you lemons take a big bite out of it and smile at who ever gave it to you and say, oh yeah! I like lemons what else you got?!"
Hating someone means nothing more than they won! They own you. Outside of love hate is far and away the next most powerful emotion we can have. Some might even argue that hate is even more powerful. Hate means that person has rented out space inside of you and is now making waffles in your brain kitchen. Hate then turns to a lust for revenge and then those thoughts start occupying your day. We are all guilty of it. Some a lot more than others. I am betting even at one point Jesus hated Satin. I'm not even talking about the big pecker heads that hated groups of people like Hitler, Mussolini or Bin Laden those assholes brought hate to a whole other level. Where the hell where all the anti-bullying campaigns when those guys where around. You would think at least a few of the members of the German military might look around at the camps and think you that many people don't need to shower all at once and maybe something should be done. Even the people who preach No H8! have their own hatreds. I was at a benefit once for the No H8 campaign and listened to someone tell me how much they hated another person in the very same room! 

Now I am not saying I am completely above it either. There are certainly people I highly dislike but I keep trying to go back to those words by Rollins. I'm human and hate is a real human emotion. There is even a movie entitled "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate." I have watched people go from one extreme to the other almost for no real reason but self preservation maybe. Like the band Saliva sings (yup I am quoting the band Saliva this is happening.) "I love you. I hate you. I can't live without you..."

I get hate mail for this blog or just a general disdain for who I am or what I believe in all the time. It's really quite flattering. I mean someone actually sat down to type me a message filled with raw emotion equivalent to that of love all be it the polar opposite. Unfortunately the person or persons never have the fortitude to give their true identity so it is hard to ever take the criticism of my character seriously. I can actually give a little respect to someone who is willing to confront another on a personal level. The other is just cowardice but I digress...

My suggestion is to stop all the hate although that will never happen. We will always live in a world that embodies war. Some careers are built solely on the hatred they generate toward themselves. Just look at the entire cast of the Jersey Shore. At least Facebook never developed a "Hate button" That would be a hilarious count. Instead from now on I'm trying to find at least one good thing or remember one good time with that person. Then like I was taught in the Army about how to deal with a Drill Sargent yelling at you. Don't bother listening to them calling you an asshole or whatever other name they may have for you. Filter that part out. Listen to why. Once you get that message you can decide your course of action from there. After that I have learned to turn to indifference. I have learned the indifference is an even greater insult than hate. Indifference means you care less if the person is dead or alive. They take no position in your life's journey. Like the old Latin phrase goes, "Illigitimi Non Est Carbarundum" loosely translated means "Don't let the bastards wear you down." If they are not enriching your life in some shape or form then clear them from the path and move in the direction of something or someone positive.

Now here's a little Rollins just to make you giggle...  



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