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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pumpkin Lovin'

Truth be told I am not a big "beer guy," "beer snob" or conosoier by any means. I am just a guy that enjoys a good cold beer on a hot day or a tastey beer on occasion. Fall for me is a great occasion. I am fortunate enough to live in Maine and that is the home to the Shipyard brewery and the creator of my favorite beer Pumpkinhead Ale. If you're an evolved enough man and comfortable with your own sexuality then you don't have an issue of mixing fruit or vegitables (whatever a pumpkin is categorized as) with your beer. The great part of this Ale is that it is so versatile and pumpkin much like apple is a flavor that lends itself to many variations. So instead of my usual banter about life, liberty or the pursuit of boobies I offer you some tastey ways of serving this seasonal delicacy. 

Rimming the Glass:
First let's talk about rimming the glass. Yes you can certainly just take your ale in a ice cold pint or beer mug. However what fun would that be and how are you suppose to creep out or turn on depending on their preference the people around you as you contort your tongue to get every last bit off the rim? Rimming the glass is a good way to add flavor without adding alcholoc content. The rim flavor also kickstarts the taste buds and layers your flavors. Typically the rim is cinnamon sugar. attaching the cinnamon sugar is another issue. Lime juice gives a funny after taste, so I like to use vanilla frosting or marshmello fluff. Beware the fluff is good but tough to get off the rim when washing the glass. Here are a few other options feel free to use a combination of them as well: nutmeg, honey, agave syrup, caramel syrup and cinamon or maple syrup and brown sugar with cinamon. The possibilities are pretty much endless. As long as you r are thinking fall flavors you really can't go wrong.

Bring on the Recipies...
Captain Pumpkinhead
Add a shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum to a pint of Pumpkinhead

Pumpkin Pie
Add a shot of Pinnacle Whip Vodka & Captain Morgan Spiced Rum to a pint of Pumpkinhead. Rim Glass with vanilla frosting and cinnamon sugar for the taste of ice cream on the side.

Drunken Pumpkin
Add a shot of Stoli Vanilla Vodka to a pint of Pumpkinhead

Pumpkin Bomb
Pour ½ oz Pineapple Rum and ½ oz Bailey's Irish cream into a shot glass. Drop the shot into a half pint of Pumpkinhead

Pumpkin Cocktail
3/4 ounce pumpkin butter
3/4 ounce ginger simple syrup
1/2 ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1 ounce vanilla vodka
2 dashes orange bitters
chilled Post Road Pumpkin Ale (seasonal release from Brooklyn Brewery)
orange twist to garnish

*Shake all ingredients except beer well over ice. Strain into the bottom of a pilsner glass. Top with beer. The beer should comprise about 2/3 of the final volume of the cocktail. Twist orange rind over drink to release oils.

++ To make ginger simple syrup, add 3/4 cup chopped, peeled ginger to two cups simple syrup in saucepan. Simmer for five minutes. Strain and discard ginger.

I'm sure there are many more options out there and I would love to hear them all so if you have a recipie you want to share give me a shout!


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