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Monday, June 16, 2014


In the Summer of 1995 the "X Games" where held in the small seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island. Otherwise known as the Extreme Games are a collection of events you wouldn't have found in the more traditional Olympic games. A wide number of events in such sports as skateboarding, Moto X, BMX bike and snowboarding to just name a few.

The town formerly known for it's row of obscenely large summer cottage mansions along Bellvue Avenue. A majority of these "cottages" where built and owned by the Vanderbilt family. The Breakers a 65,000 square foot, 70 foot home that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Marble House, a stone palace given to Alva Vanderbilt as a 39th birthday gift just down the street from The Breakers. And Rough Point, which was bequeathed to a 12 year old Doris Duke. The Vanderbilt's where a Dutch family that made most of
their money in the Gilded age via shipping and railroads. President John F. Kennedy and later Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis laid stake to Hammersmith Farm a modest 28 bedroom home commonly referred to as the "Summer Whitehouse." Along with several other financially elite families of the time summered right on Bellvue Ave. If you ever have the opportunity I implore you to go tour a few of the grand summer homes. Also right in town is home to the Tennis Hall of Fame and Arthur Ash Court. Newport has some of the best seafood, bars and restaurants to be found on the east coast.   

Getting back to my previous point about the X Games (damn ADD)... I was talking about some of the cocktails and shots I currently make that are a bit out of the ordinary and may even have a side show around them. Then I started looking around at what some other bars and bartenders have been up to. I was astounded! Just like the X Games here are some shots that take it all to the next level!

Harry Potter Shots
Equal Parts Goldschlager and Cinnamon Aftershock
Top the shot glass with a lemon wheel covered in cinnamon sugar
Place all the shots on a large plate
Top all the shots and sprinkle the plate with Bacardi 151
Now here is the fun part...
Ignite the plate and shots!
Toss ground Cinnamon on the open flame while shouting “Expelliarmus!”

Take the shots while flaming, blow out and drink.
Guaranteed to make you feel like you have magical powers

The Goblet of Fire
2 oz. - TY KU Sake Liqueur
1 oz - Kahlua coffee liqueur
Shake over ice and strain into a wine glass
Float a bar spoon of cream on top
Float 1 oz - Bacardi 151 rum on top of cream
Light the cocktail and sprinkle grated cinnamon.
Clap your hands over the flame to put it out
Stir up and serve.

Old Fashioned IN the Rock
This one will take a bit more set up... Freeze a small water balloon.
The outside will freeze before the inside.
Once the outside shell is frozen tap a small hole in the top and drain the inside water.
Place back in the freezer for a few hours.
Make any sort of Old Fashioned you like. Here is a traditional recipe:
4 dashes Angostura Bitters
1 tsp Sugar (or 2 sugar cubes)
1 Orange wheel
1 Maraschino cherry
Muddle all the above ingredients
1 splash Club soda
2 oz Bourbon
Now with a syringe add the Old Fashioned through the hole in the ice.
Place the filled rock in a glass and serve.

Cotton Candy Shots
In a shot glass add a tuft of cotton candy

Fill glass with Raspberry Vodka
The Cotton candy will dissolve in the vodka

Boy Scout Shot
Equal parts in a shot glass
Creme de Menthe
Creme de Banana
Top with Bacardi 151
Light the shot and serve with a Marshmallow on a skewer
Roast the marshmallow, drink the shot and eat the marshmallow!

Backdraft Shot
This is going to give you a new level of intoxication so BE CAREFUL!
In a heavy Snifter so it will not crack due to heat.
1 oz. - Drambuie
1 oz. - Grand Marnier
Top with Bacardi 151
Light the drink!
Cover the mouth of the glass with a saucer and let the flame extinguish
Carefully slide-in a straw under the saucer and drink the cocktail.
Remove saucer and quickly inhale the alcohol vapor.


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