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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day memories

Before the days of President Bush's and invisible weapons of mass destruction. Before the days of the
US becoming the international police force and even before the days of fighting for supremacy in oil enriched lands cleverly veiled in a war on terrorism. There was a time when the powers that be in other countries where interested in taking away our freedoms we so enjoy today. Not that all these other wars were any less important. Let me be clear that there is a ultimate respect for all of my military brothers and sisters. The desire to see the United States of America to be under the rule of another countries leadership as it was at one point beneath the sunrise and set of the British Empire. Many have tried to take way the rights we so love. Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and countless others wanted to see our great country under their tyrannical rule.

Many great men and women of the time stepped forward. We as a nation band together to fight for what we all saw as right. There was nothing about our nation that was divided. Men and women took to do their part with the reminder that they may not return home to their loved ones. However if they died they did so valiantly for a cause we ALL believed in. Those who could not fight went to work in the factories and supported the effort in any way they could. My own Grandmother tells the story of going to work for General Motors. At the time even those companies became part of the effort and pivoted to building machines and aircraft for the military. Mary use to be part of building the infamous torpedo bombing Avenger airplanes and the door assemblies for many of the popular automobiles of the time.  

It didn't matter your political affiliation, age, color or religion. the United States became US! We as a country stared down these threats and worked as one to overcome. I realize this sounds like there should be someone singing "Glory Glory Alleluia" in the background while waving a American flag, but the fact of the matter is that we have always been a strong nation. This past Memorial day I found myself thinking not only about the ones we have lost but those that gave in the hopes of seeing a better nation. Many of those that gave didn't die due to bullets flying or bombs detonating. Many saw the prolific end to old age, and many never picked up a rifle or wore a uniform emblazoned with old glory. But they gave to the cause and this makes them worthy of our memories as well. My Grandfather was in the Navy, Father and I where Army and their significant others gave to this countries freedom just as much as those who wore the uniform.  

This past Memorial Day I couldn't help but think of all those who gave. Some gave all. Some gave much. We all banned together and that is what made this country great.


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