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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Old Man

As I get older I realize the days of being able to do some of the things I use to be able to do on the basketball court are lost forever. I was never the next Michael Jordan however I was pretty good and always looking to expand my abilities. Now more and more I am just trying to hang on to skills I have and stay in the best possible shape I can if ever I am able to step onto a court. I also find myself completely in awe of the athletic talents of the up and coming, and really that is in any sport. The things that some of the athletes are able to do today along with their creativity desire to take their perspective sport to the next level is something I always have had a great appreciation for.
Recently Pepsi has put together a campaign based on the aging athlete. Taking a current superstar and dressing them up with makeup to resemble a senior citizen. Then have them hobble onto a local court to barnstorm a pickup game. Inevitably to court combatants feel bad for the old timer and let him on the court more of a gesture of humor to all watching. The crowd jeers as the old man fumbles around causing turn overs, missing shots and just not being able to keep up. Then miraculously the  inner light comes on and the old man not only remembers how to play but summons the strength and ability of his youth.

They have done this for a couple sports and it's wildly entertaining. I am praying someday this will be me!


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