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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Bells for Alison & Sean and The Nubble Trouble

This past weekend I had the honor of meeting two young kids (Sean and Alison) in love who have decided to wed this coming weekend in Maine and spend a good portion of time at my bar amongst family and friends. As much as I would love to start in with all the typical jokes and wise cracks that pertain to the wonderful institution of marriage I will refrain from being that guy. You see Alison looks like she has been in a fight or two in her day and I'm not really feeling the need to have my ass kicked especially by her and a few members of her brides maids so again I will refrain although I have paid more for less in the past. I'm just saying is all! Now with all this love in the air and the sheer look of terror on Sean's face as he is told where to stand and what to say I will give Sean my only real good advice. Dude this has nothing to do with you and this is all about her. Trust me it will all pay off after the day is over when she lets you do all the weird stuff you have ever wanted to do to a woman to her in the hotel room that night. Ahhh yes I am such the romantic! So smile and big, shake everyone's hand and even kiss that overzealous aunt with all the lip hair because after a few drinks and lots of romantic moments you are in for some of the greatest times of your life!

Sean and Alison have a favorite drink and for them I will make the "Nubble Trouble" named for the famous Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine, the drink of the week. So here's to both of you may you live a long and happy life together as man and wife.

Nubble Trouble
Over ice in a pint glass
2 oz. - Blueberry Vodka
1 oz. - Lemonchello
Fill with Lemonade
Splash of Club soda
Splash of lime
Garnish with a few Maine blueberries

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