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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Funniest thing I heard this weekend...

As I make my rounds checking on customers and their drinks I tend to hear bits and peices of conversations. I equate this to flipping through the several channels on your television just seeing a small clip before you decide on weather you want to watch the entire show or not based on that snip-it of whatever program. Some of the things you hear are sad, some joyous, some depressing, some just out right funny. Here is the funniest thing I heard this weekend.

A party of 4 come into the bar about 20 minutes before last call. I met them all the night before and knew they where going to a wedding this particular night. They were not a low class group and where well dressed. Seeing that they arrived at the wedding well before the rest of the wedding party this prompted me to already think something was up. Then I heard on of the girls telling someone that they had just come from a wedding reception. Now the funniest thing I heard all night.

Girl: "We just got kicked out of the reception. Because apparently it is frowned upon to expose your breasts at a wedding reception!"

OK... you now have my attention!... Apparently

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