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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Put Down Your Damn Cell Phone Already!

This is a rant. Make no mistake about it. More than 98% of my posts are pertaining to cocktails and my life behind the bar and this does have a very small touch of that however for the most part this is a rant. So if this makes your stomach turn or makes you feel in anyway ill, then by all means look away now.


The other day I was at the bar and working my normal shift. There was a man and woman having a spectacular cocktail together and some conversation. Every couple of seconds the lady would pick up her cell phone and open it up read the text message and then type a return text before putting it down and continuing the conversation she was already half engaged in. This went on throughout the conversation and eventually the guy started to show signs of growing tired of this. And he should be! This is a refusal by her to share this moment with him. I have even seen it where one person texts the other right across the table! This is insane.


In daily life there are enough distractions with work, family, money, friends and so much more. Living in the moment and for the moment is something almost lost. Cell phones allow us all the communication we can handle and in most cases more than we can handle. So while you are suppose to be enjoying the moment with the people right in front of you. We find ourselves taken away to someone elses moment and not living our moment at all. If you don't want to spend the time with the person in front of you then find the person you do want to spend time with. Friends can be selfish and even knowing you are spending time with someone will engage you in their own thoughts and feelings. Draw the line and pay attention to those who mean more to you than a text message. Live your life in person instead of from a cell phone screen.


Now I realize that that tiny devise is your life line to the outside world and in some cases you can't turn it off completely. However there is no need to loo at it every 3 seconds that is why it rings when it really needs you. Show those you care about that you do care about them by giving them your undivided attention. It costs you nothing. It speaks volumes to your character and shows people you care about the moment you are sharing with them.



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