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Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Love and Romance Coming Your Way!

So it is love that you want this February 14th? Then it is love you will get! Or at least a little drunken ride to 3rd base... So what if you have to get her a little liquored up to have her think you're handsome. Women wear girdles for men to think they are skinny, dye in their hair to have us think they are really blondes, makeup to have us think they are naturally beautiful, heels to make them taller and push up bras to make us believe they are packing a lot more sweater meat that is really the case. Then if none of that applies to that special apple of your eye then put her on a scale while reading her drivers license. I guarantee that the two weights don't match up.

The moral of this all is that a little booze to help her see you for just how special you really are is not outside the rules. With Valentines day looming here is another great little "Charles The Bartender" special concoction for all you young lovers to enjoy.

Hearts on Fire Martini
2 oz. - Cacha├ža
2 oz. - Guava juice
Squeeze of fresh lime
Splash of cointreau
Splash grenadine
Shake over ice and strainGarnish with a Bacardi 151 soaked cherry
skewered and set on fire!


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