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Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to cut someone off 101.

As a bartender the worst part of the job is having to cut off someone who has had too much to drink. Many of us go through TIPS or Safe Serve classes to learn how to do this. However when the rubber meets the road it is still the toughest part of the job and we all hate to have to stop the good times but it must be done.

So tonight along my way home I stopped at this little redneck type bar where they have good beer and terrible atmosphere (more people than teeth) but it does the trick if you need a quick drink. Now these bartenders probably have to do this more times in a month than I ever will have to in my career so they have a lot of practice. The guy they where cutting off was well over the limit and was starting to scream in my ear.

The bartender took notice and then said and did the following which was "textbook."
"Sir, I can not serve you anymore. You have had too much to drink and I will not serve you anymore. When you finish your beer (he had 2 sips left) I need you to leave the bar." Then she went to her caring side by saying "are you able to get home or do you need me to call you a cab?" He stared her down for a bit and she said nothing and maintained eye contact holding her ground. When he retorted with "well that is a slap in the face." she held to her guns however still treated the man with respect. "Sir, are you okay? Do you have a way home or do I need to call you a cab?" He returned with "No I am walking." To this she said "alright I will see you again soon." Then when he walked to the other end of the bar to alert his friends she simply told security of the decision and passed it on to them.
I was so impressed by her confidence and then caring that I had to tell her what a great job she did. I took note and next time I must do this part of the job I will be copying it word for word.