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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Manicures and Martinis Party

I realize this one is very female focused but another great way to get women into the bar early. We ran this party a few weeks ago and it did amazing! We hired an outside manicurist (Is that even a real title?) and Charged each lady $10. The entry fee got them a manicure and two $2 coupons to go toward any martini of their choice. I am sure if we reached out to the local businesses we could have put together simple gift bags with goodies for the first 50 or so ladies through the door. Maybe even linked it in with Breast Cancer awareness and made a nice donation. We started the event at 7pm and then at 9pm we let the guys in the door. The place was packed!

I asked for some different types of melon to make drinks and the only thing I got was cantaloupes. So there are a couple of drinks featuring cantaloupe. Here are a few of the specials I had for the night...

Cantaloupe Martini
1 - Cantaloupe puree
2 - Vodka
1 - Cointreau
1/2 - Lime juice
Pinch of salt

Just Peachy Martini
2 - Vodka
1/4 - Drambui
1/2 - Peach schnapps
Splash - Lime juice

Carmel Apple
2 - Vodka
1 - Apple Pucker
1 - Butterscotch schnapps

Raspberry Cosmo
2 - Raspberry Vodka
1 - Lime juice
1 - Cointreau
Splash of cranberry juice

Tropical Peach
2 - Malibu
2 - Peach schnapps
2 - Ginger ale

Cantaloupe Cooler
2 - Cantaloupe puree
2 - Vodka
1 - Lime juice
Splash of Creme de Menthe
Top with Sprite