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Friday, September 10, 2010

Manly Men and fruity frozen delights.

I have had the opportunity of working in what I call an "everyday" type of bar and then the "vacation" type of bars. It always kills me when I see guys in the "vacation" bar. These guys are normally the guys who work 9-5 and at the end of a long day sit down with a good single malt or a manhattan and sip their stress away. Even the way they order it is rough, manly and abrupt. "Jonnie Black up" or "Chivas rocks, no fruit!" These guys wouldn't be seen dead with anything any other color than brown or tan. Something red or pink is almost an assault on their manhood.

Now get these same guys out on a beach vacation or even better on a cruise ship and the scenario is completely different. I think these same guys think this is the best way to catch up on their fruit intake. I had a couple of frozen drink specials the past few weeks and wanted to see what the general consensus would be. My thinking was that the women would really enjoy these fruity tropical concoctions. The crowd was a bit older say late 40's to mid 60's and boy was I wrong when it came to my demographic. It was the men that really took to these! Good for them! Vacation drinks are suppose to be fun.

So before the sun has completely set on this summer for these guys let me share a few of these happy frozen delights with you and hopefully them while they still can take the time away from the business world to enjoy them...

Honeydew Colada
2 parts - Ice
1 cup chunks of honeydew melon
1oz - Pinapple juice
1 oz - Coconut cream
1oz - Rum
Splash of lime juice
1 oz - Coconut rum
Blend it all up! Serve in a Margarita glass
Splash with Melon liqueur and garnish with a cherry in the middle.

Lava Flow

2 oz - Ice
1 oz - Light rum
1 oz - Coconut rum
2oz - Strawberries in sugar with juice.
1/2 - Fresh banana
2 oz - Pineapple juice
2 oz - Coconut cream
Blend it all up! Serve this in a hurricane glass or even a beer mug.
Splash with a generous serving of grenadine (lava flowing)

Pina Martinique
2 parts - Ice
2 oz - Rum
1 oz - Cointreau
1 oz - Coconut cream
1 part - Frozen strawberries
1 part - Pineapple chunks
1 oz - Pineapple juice
Blend it all up!
Garnish with a pineapple wedge.

Enjoy MEN!