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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Winning Halloween Party Formula

I have done a good amount of party planning in my past. Halloween has to be among my favorite holidays. There is so much that you can do with this day and the weekends leading up to it, not only things to do behind the bar but also around it to make a successful party. My biggest tip is to have a lot to do! Maybe this is my ADHD talking here but I love a party that is more like a festival atmosphere. Just all sorts of different things to do in every corner. Depending on the space you have to deal with with determine just how many things you can have going on.So here are a list of tips to creating a great Halloween party.

1) Pumpkin Carving: Now you don't want to have people having cocktails and using carving instruments. Have people bring their own pumpkins and have a contest for best pumpkin. It is not only a attraction for your guests to talk about, but also a way to decorate your party. Have slips of paper for guests to vote on best pumpkin and a few other categories.

2) Party games: Halloween has a few games associated with the holiday. Bobbing for apples, and musical chairs are always fun even for adults. a couple breaks in the regular music to play a game or two is a good way to keep the night rolling and get more people involved. You can do a Halloween theme to musical chairs by using "Monster Mash" as your song of choice.

3) Music: If you don't have a band or a DJ to spin tunes then go to and pick your own play list of music or just go to the bottom of this page and hit the play button on the play list there. A good assortment of music will have people shaking there ass and dancing is always a great way to keep the party going.

4) Attractions: I like having a lot to do. So set up different booths in the corners of your space. Invite local businesses to help you with this. For Halloween I would find a tarot card reader or maybe a palm reader, a henna tattoo artist and a person doing mini manicures. Use your imagination and bring in more. The more there is to do the more people you will appeal to. If these people are brought from outside businesses then arrange a deal where they can charge the guests partaking a small fee and may hand out advertisements (fliers, coupons, etc...)
5) Lights: I tried a little experiment once. I threw a party and there were 2 rooms both rooms had the same things going on. However one room was well lit and the other was dimly lit. The well lit room was completely vacant till I went and turned down the lights. Suddenly that room was full too. If you don't have any dim lighting then invest in Christmas style string lights. Spread these all over the room and this should give you the effect you need. Lesson learned, keep the lights low and the music up! This is a party after all!

6) Prizes: Another contest here is best costume. Yes , this is a no-brainer but have something worth winning and make this part of the invitations. For a great prize reach out to local businesses again and ask for donations. A gift certificate to a restaurant, a small gift basket or a free night at a hotel are usually pretty easy to find.

7) Drinks: Of course this will play a part in the night. Have drink specials that have that spooky feel. Another thing you can do is punch up your ice cubes a bit by making a few treys of "worm and eyeball eyes cubes" to use as a garnish. Simmple to do just add gummy worms and peeled grapes to ice cubes or even better to cranberry ice cubes. The following are a few good spooky drinks:

7 Deadly Sins
1/2 oz. - vodka
1/2 oz. - gin
1/2 oz. - tequila
1/2 oz. - light rum
1/2 oz. - dark rum
1/2 oz. - dry vermouth
1/2 oz. - sweet vermouth
2 tbsp. - grenadine
1 tsp. - lemon or lime juice
Collins glass, pour over ice, fill with cola, stir. Add 7 cherries.

Fake Blood
1 oz. - bourbon
1/2 oz. - lime juice
Tomato juice
1 tsp. - Tequila
Collins glass, pour over ice, fill with tomato juice, stir. Add tequila

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