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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Has anyone else been to your local YMCA as of late? I am a card carrying member of the Youth Christian Men's Association and seriously whoever is on the board of directors or The Village People and I need to talk. Wait, not The Village People. Have you ever actually listened to the words in that song? Holy crap! Let me be more clear and set the stage so it is crystal as to what I am referring to.

The other day I went to go get changed in the men's locker room before going to lift. Here is what I saw in order. Two kids about 12 years old stark naked in the shower whipping each other with their wet underwear. One kid about the same age and naked again standing on a bench under a hand dryer. Two older fat guys about late 50's sharing a wash rag in the shower. One soaping himself up then passing the same soapy rag to the other. Maybe they where brothers. Three teenage white boys about 16 or so, two of which where doing a whole beat box mouth thing, while the 3rd tried to rap over said beats. Last but certainly not be taken lightly least was a father with his 2 sons under the age of five. One child pointing out the anatomy of the other to everyone in ear shot while Dad was trying to put some semblance of clothing on either one of them. This whole place had a Different Strokes, bicycle shop episode feel to it.

What was next? I mean let's make this all official and have Jerry Sandusky pop out from a bathroom stall with Chris Hansen and the  To Catch a Predator camera crew close behind! I thought at any moment Ashton Kutcher was going to come over and tell me I was being punked. All I could do was avert my eyes and crawl into my locker while I got changed up. Knowing what I may possibly see again I'm getting changed in my car.

Times like these call good stiff drink. In honor of that here is a good one for you to savor after a crazy freakin day you don't ever wish to see the likes of again. The Long Island Iced Tea is just that sort of cocktail. With 5 different liquors and a sweet tea taste you can kick back, relax, close your eyes and think of something... anything else! Besides 2 of the 5 Village People are rumored to be from the NY Island.

Long Island Iced Tea
In a tall glass over lots of ice
1 oz. - Gin
1 oz. -White Tequila
1 oz. -Vodka
1 oz. -  Rum
Fill half way with sour mix
Splash of Lime juice
Fill the rest of the way with Cola
Mix and Serve with a Lemon


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