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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking That First Step

Today my post is going to be one of a different nature. I realize that someone if anyone follows this blog they have come to know my posts to be especially as of late a bit more on the side of a rant. Sarcastic, humorous, sometimes whitty and often condesending. So I am bracing you for something quite different today. You see my message today is meant to be a bit more uplifting, light hearted and hopefully a friendly message.

A few months ago I walked into the weight room at my local YMCA to do my daily workout. I was plugged into my headphones and in a world of my own as I went about my routine. As per usual I don't talk a whole lot or waste much time standing around chit-chatting with people. So not unusual that I didn't notice Nick.

Nick is a guy I often play basketball against in my Tuesday and Thursday night league. Nick is a bit younger than I am but when I met him, he was out of shape and going about doing a workout he printed off the internet. He came over to me in the middle of my workout and asked me if I knew how to do a "dead-lift." Hang with me I am going somewhere with all this... After I showed him the proper technique I was interested to know what he was trying to acheive and a bit more about his workout goals. We spoke about what he should be doing to acheive those goals instead of his random internet workout that really wasn't befitting of his fitness desires.

We now lift 4 times a week together and he pushes me as much as I push him. He works hard in the gym and listens intently. So far Nick has seen his strength improve tremendously and he has lost inches from his waist line. None of this would have been possible unless Nick took that first step.

You see I admire the fact that he knew that he didn't know the correct form and needed help. Nick swallowed his pride and instead of doing the wrong thing or remaining with limited knowledge he took a step. With that step he is well on his way to what he wants to acheive.

I recently saw the movie "We Bought a Zoo." In the movie there was a line that went along with this message "20 seconds of courage can change your life forever." I am not going to claim to be all knowing or even close to right 90% of the time. However this message is one I am fairly certain about. Swallowing our pride, asking for help and taking that step all take great courage.

Pride is a silent killer of many. It kills dreams, relationships and can stand in the way of many forms of greatness. I am living testament to this. I have absolutely squandered many great opportunities and lost relationships just due to the simple fact that aside from not knowing what step to take, I just failed to take any.  My message here today is to find that courage and take that step. Any step at all! Don't fear losing face as a blush only lasts a few seconds. Seek those who can help you and ask for what you want. The worst they can say is "no." Understand we all have something special inside and a destiny to be fullfilled. I urge you all ("all" hahahaha) to take a step. Don't wait for tomorrow. Not one more second. You never know till you do.


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  1. great story, and wonderful words of wisdom!