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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Funniest Thing I Heard Tonight

As you are probably aware being a bartender I tend to overhear lots of conversations. Sometimes the whole thing and other times just bits and pieces. As I walk from one end of a crowded bar to the other it is sort of like channel surfing. I just sort of keep walking till I hear a sound bit I find entertaining. So was the case tonight as I worked the bar in the dance club portion of the bar called The Wet Bar. Aptly named because when there is enough people downstairs in this basement bar it turns into a sweaty mess reeking of desperation and loose morals. In other words the sort of place I feel right at home in. (Ha! I beat you all to that joke!)

So as I was saying, this night I was walking along behind the bar when I heard this conversation. I haven't altered any of it. Just the conversation as I heard it. I hope you get a chuckle like I did. Enjoy! ...

Guy 1: That brunette dancing with that skinny guy is hot!

Guy 2: The brunette dancing with the guy in the skinny jeans?

Guy 1: Yeah that chick is hot don't you think so? Got to wonder why she is with that guy.

Guy 2: I think he is gay.

Guy 1: Are you sure? They have been dancing pretty close and she has been rubbing up on him all night.

Guy 2: Yeah he is gay.

Guy 1: How do you know? Do you know him?
Guy 2: Two reasons: For one she has been rubbing up on him all night like you said and he is wearing skinny jeans. Either the jeans are cutting off circulation to his pecker or he is gay. Second, I sort of know him.

Guy 1: Both valid points then. You know he is gay?

Guy 2: Well I am not sure he is gay but I am certain he has held a cock that wasn't his more than a few times.

Guy 1: Oh, yeah then I guess he might be gay.

Guy 2: Yeah you think so...

Guy 1: Alright let's go talk to her then. 

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