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Monday, May 28, 2012

How To Thank a Vet

After the 9/11 attacks there was a outpouring of patriotism and renewed love for the men and women in out armed forces. I have had the good fortune of being able to serve in the Army and have seen first some of the love passed my way for my time served. Although I have to admit at first when people would say thank you for my service I was not sure how to take the praise. It was my decision after all to sign my life over to Uncle Sam and at the time it didn't feel like I was doing anything courageous it just felt like a good idea and direction to point my life. You know the whole go and "be all you can be in the Army!"

Now that some time has passed since the attacks and the War on Iraq is now "over." (feel free to note the sarcasm in that statement.) We have holidays such as Memorial day and Veterans day set aside to honor our veterans and fallen soldiers. Yes the "Thank you for serving" is very nice and a sweet sentiment. So thank you all for those thank yous please do not take what is to follow as a non appreciation because trust me I do. However I think I have a few ways to enhance these holidays.

I saw a commercial the other day on TV for hiring veterans. A group of vets saying "we don't want pity or a hand out just a chance." I have to agree with that. Let's get away from just saying thank you on a particular day. Instead of just saying thank you, live it! here are a few ideas and keep in mind I'm just spit balling here so if you have more ideas to make these thanks even better by all means feel free to chime in.

1. If you are in a HR position offer your business card to the vet with a simple "my company may be hiring, call me Monday."

2. Hug a vet today. If you have a great rack feel free to linger and give a little extra.

3. Pay the toll for the vet in the next car.

4. Vets like boobies too! Flash a vet today.

5. Nothing says thank you like a cold beer.

6. New holiday idea: Blow a vet Thursday's!

7. Correction: Nothing says thank you like a steak and a cold beer!

8. Correction: Nothing says thank you like combining  6 & 7!

God Bless America and Thank you to all who have gone before us. Happy Memorial Day!


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