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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cell Phones and the Walk of Shame.

The bar I'm at now is a pretty busy spot. Many nights the bar is 3 people deep waiting for drinks around the main bar. Lot's of people lot's of fun and with that booze flowing there is plenty of opportunity for a little confusion. Little things tend to get misplaced like keys, I.D.'s and even cell phones.

Here is a small piece of advice: If you have some crazy pictures of yourself doing who knows what with who knows what and who or whom... Have a password or some sort of security on the phone. Or better yet don't Because when you loose that phone on Saturday night and it gets found and tuned in to the bartender, we are definitely going to the pictures first! Then you get to come back and retrieve said cell phone and we will be smiling. No doubt.

On the flip side of this, if you are a dude or a person who takes tons of pictures of your cat or kids please feel free to leave your phone at home.

Now please don't get me confused here. If that's how you roll with personal porn on your celly. I personally dig your brand of crazy! Me and you are cool and thank you very much for the show. However I think there should be some limits set. If you are a big old girl and your kitty looks like a used catchers mitt go ahead and forget the zoom functuion. If you have so much hair that there are hippies trying to save your rain forest I don't nessesarily need to see that either. And I realize that there are guys out there that don't mind kissing her where she smells and that doesn't mean New Jersey.  However personal preference is a nice pretty garden. Maybe even some dangly decorations to make it an even happier place then by all means whip out those cell phones!

However no matter who you are, when faced with a open cell phone we are going to look... And probably judge.
You have been warned.


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