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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Open the door no one home
big empty space, another day gone.
So just your thoughts and the cold
that grip your heart but never hold
thoughts fill your head and no one cares
the bar is full, but all alone there.

Try and peel back that fear
of never sharing these thoughts you are feeling.
No one cares to hear you cry
just breath in, sing yourself that lullaby
and rock yourself to sleep at night
this is your life, this is your plight

The chill sets deep within the bones
a strangle hold on emotion flows
through your veins and feels the chill
Maybe soon it all will
end for ever without a sound
so not to disturb those around
This is where you learn to feel
to understand how darkness kills
even with the lights all on
no one would even realize you where gone

Solitude just like prison walls
sit by the phone and wait for calls
How are you? Are you doing fine?
Busy people don't have the time
to put themselves within your shoes
no end in sight to cure these blues

A shot of whiskey might kill the pain
but then again your thoughts remain
and still you sit all alone
surrounded by nothing that is your own.
All you want is to be held tight
take away the grip that might
feel the darkness take its place
in your nothing bit of space.

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  1. As I've said many time before, you are quite the talented man. We all can relate to this one way or another. Nicely written. Hope life is treating you well. ~ Tiffany ~