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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tonight I Snuggled

Tonight I stayed in and snuggled with a beautiful girl
We sat for hours and talked
I held her close and that is all she really wanted.
She didn't care about status, what I drove or how much money I make
She wanted to feel safe and warm
I stayed home and snuggled tonight.

I didn't do it because I had to
I did it because it just felt right.
In return I got back unfiltered love.
There were no conditions
There were no desires to be anywhere else but right there in my arms
For tonight I stayed home and snuggled

No fancy dinners, no flowers and candy.
No romance here just a innocent snuggle with a girl I love so much
She can do no wrong in my eyes and I hers
The world is her oyster and I am merely along to watch it all unfold.
We speak about the future and it is nothing short of bright.
Tonight I stayed in and snuggled

Her head on my chest as I pull her so close to me
Secretly hoping this moment will never see a the curtain fall
And yet it will
There is much to do in her lifetime and this is just a short
However sweet reprieve from all that awaits
Her sun kissed face, bright eyes and tiny freckles that grace her nose
Make me see the little girl in her
I stayed in tonight and snuggled

No parties, no drinks just belly laughs and tiny kisses
The kind that land softly on her forehead
She wrinkles her nose every time I do.
I love being a father
And because I do
I stayed in tonight and snuggled.


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